5 Amp 24 Volt Battery Charger

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UPG's 5Ah Charger is perfect for your mid- to full-size scooter. This fan cooled SLA battery charger is a portable off board charger with three stages of charging to help your battery last longer. The 5Ah Charger plugs into your scooter’s round 3-pin plug and hooks up to a 110V electrical outlet. The auto shutoff feature prevents overcharging. Charging cords included. The 5Ah Charger is compatible with many scooters on the USA market today. Charging times vary depending on individual usage. If you use your scooter every day, it is best to charge your scooter every night overnight. Be sure to unplug it in the morning. Always unplug the charger after your scooter is charged. Do not charge your scooter for more than 20 hours. If you use your scooter on a weekly basis, you’ll want to charge your scooter at least once a week overnight.


  • 110V Input
  • Output: 29.4V+/-0.5VDC
  • USA Power cords
  • Fan cooled, 3-stage charging for long battery life
  • Automatic shutoff when battery is charged